Jeyananda Hospital is situated at Kaliakkavila on the outskirts of Kanyakumari district. Through the hospital divides geographically Tamilnadu and Kerala, its health care services have been cutting across the border. Having a vast area of land with lushly greenery, Jeyananda Hospital has more than 100 years of yeoman service to the humanity. Established on 1896 by the great Mecode Asan , Narayana Vaidyar the descendant of one of the 108 Asans of “Thekkan Kalari” of Ancient Travancore.

Jeyananda practices a rare blend of Ayurveda and Sidha with the most modern facilities attached to the hospital. The hospital has thatched, tiled and of course concrete buildings, catering to a variety of treatment purposes without affecting the natural environment. It has a farmhouse, a beautiful garden with rare medicinal plants and natural flora and fauna. The herbs used in the medicines in the hospital are cultivated here itself. All the treatments provided by the hospital are less expensive and more result oriented because of its unique blend of Ayurveda Sidha treatment.