In our hospital we maintain a vast and rare herbal garden. e cultivate and look after this herbal garden with utmost care. Almost all rare medicinal plants are available in this garden. Our hospital utilizes these medicinal plants to prepare genuine medicines which are a unique feature of our service to the patients. The medicines are prepared traditionally and scientifically by our trained staff. Also, we maintain a dairy farm from where we get milk for our hospital use.

The Fodder for these cows is cultivated in the garden of our hospital. We use natural manure alone to grow the fodder. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not at all used.

We maintain a poultry also in our garden. Poultry of local verities especially black chicken of medical value are specially reared here.For these chicken also we provide only natural food items. Eggs from these hens alone are used for preparing “Anda thylam”[ Egg oil’]